COVID-19 Update: I’m using telehealth to video-conference with existing and new clients. These sessions are covered by insurance carriers just like in-person sessions until at least December 31, 2020, and likely beyond that date.

My name is Madigan Kent and I specialize in working with individuals, couples and parents on a variety of issues affecting mental health and well-being.

People seek out therapy for a number of different reasons.
Some may come because they watch themselves making the same mistakes again and again. Some feel overwhelmed by emotional or physical pain. Others may come because they sense that experiences from their past continue to interfere with life in the present
– with relationships, work, or the ability to experience joy and pleasure. And then some need extra support during times of exhaustion, overwhelm, and stress. Whatever your reason, therapy should be a life-enhancing experience. I use traditional talk-therapy
and can also offer more body-centered therapy approaches. Another focus of my practice is working with couples. With big responsibilities come big opportunities for growth. I am trained in Emotion
Focused Therapy for Couples (EFT) and find it incredibly satisfying work. Please check out the rest of my website. I hope some of the information I provide will help you decide whether I’d be a good fit for
you. Please know that my blog occasionally contains some personal information about me and my family when it’s relevant to a topic I’m discussing, so if that’s not something you are comfortable
with as a client I totally understand and suggest you skip my blog. I know a website can only tell you so much, so please feel free to contact me at or (872) 225-2150.