Swinging Your Family Into Relaxation


Swinging offers children vestibular stimulation and sensory integration on the playground, helping them to feel balanced and internally calm. When its winter in Chicago, and we are cloistered indoors for days at a time, things can spin quickly out of control. The flow that comes from rhythmic movement on the playground is stymied and kids and parents alike can become stressed and anxious.

I wondered if my kids would stop throwing Christmas ornaments and chasing the dog if I integrated some playground equipment into our home. So, we got a swing, drilled some holes, and the experiment commenced.

My daughter and I have since spent countless days swinging. I sit on the floor with our son in my lap. He is transfixed by the rhythmic rocking. My daughter’s whole body seems to relax into the motion, she smiles widely, and sinks deeper into the flow of the swing.

The experiment was a success. Swinging helped reintroduce flow back into our wintertime home and I wanted to share this as a resource for others.

Photo courtesy of Playaway Toy Company, Inc.

If your interested in swinging, here’s the kit we tried:

Playaway Toy Company, Inc.

Playaway Toys Rainy Day Kit on Amazon

Additional sensorimotor integration resources for parents:

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