5 Reasons for Counseling Before You Fly The Nest

Health insurance is one way many Americans are able to afford counseling. Many young adults are still eligible to be covered under their family’s health insurance plans, that is until they turn 27, at which point they need to find health insurance on their own. Here are five reasons why therapy is a good choice before adulthood, whether you are struggling or even thriving in your twenties:

1. Finding a career that fits you

Good therapy helps you to play well with others so you can be a successful hire. It develops internal cues that guide decision making. It increases your internal locus of control, which just means you learn that the ball is in your court and you can do as little or as much with your life as you chose. And it teaches you to not override your nervous system, so you can maintain high quality work without getting depressed, overwhelmed, drinking too much, or burning out before you hit 40. All of this will help lead you to a sustainable, fulfilling, and flexible approach to work that can boost your career trajectory and earning power for the future.

2. Finding a relationship that makes you happy is awesome.

As a young adult, what kind of attachment style do you have? Secure, Anxious, Avoidant? Do you recharge by using your partner as a sounding board, or by going in your room with a book and closing the door.  Are you comfortable turning to your partner in times of stress and pain? Or do you attack or move away to manage your internal distress? Finding a skilled therapist in attachment

3. Individuating from Parents

Young adults can learn to respectfully separate from their parents without blowing up their relationship. Often 20-somethings move into the city or away from their community and begin to shape their own views of the world. And this can lead to conflict in families. Supportive therapy can help ease this transition by working with boundaries and facilitating a strong sense of this is me/that is them so that healthy new family dynamics can emerge.

4. Treating Depression & Anxiety

If you have been struggling with depression, anxiety, eating imbalances, OCD, ADD, chronic pain, or anger management, then getting counseling on your parents insurance is the best way to keep these issues from gathering steam in your thirties. Settling your nervous system and rebalancing yourself will help tremendously with job performance, and with finding a good partner.

5. Substance Use

If partying in your teens and early twenties has turned into problem drinking or drug use, it’s a good time to start talking about it. Effective substance use counseling can range from abstenance to moderation to increasing other areas of functioning (exercise, diet, increased social life). There are now medications that reduce drinking urges that can kill the cravings so that you can find other ways of relating socially and managing stress.

Bonus Reason!

6. Traumatic Experiences

Trauma left unaddressed can wreak havoc for years. It can continue to manifest in difficulty functioning and a sense of not really being present in your own skin. Why live like this when it can be treated? Somatic Experiencing (SE) and other trauma treatment modalities use touch/body awareness to decrease traumatic sensations in the body. Clients report marked reductions in destress after just a few sessions. Somatic Experiencing (SE) specialists often only accept high quality insurance due to their extensive training. If you can take advantage of good insurance, especially BCBSPPO, you can get excellent life changing treatment at little or no out of pocket cost.

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