Wednesday “What Works!” In My Practice: #1 Kicking Lethargy


{These notes will be comments about what clients in my practice have found as effective strategies, resources, and conversations on certain topics. They aren’t a comprehensive list. More like musings of what seems to work for the people that I see.}

Today’s Topic – Lethargy: Defined as a lack of energy and enthusiasm. Symptoms can include sluggishness, inactivity, inaction, slowness, fogginess, and listlessness. Sources can be mental, emotional, or physical.

5 Ways Clients Have Worked Successfully with Lethargy:

1. Creating a structured morning routine starting around 7 a.m.  (Deciding the night before where they will go by 9am (that means leaving the house, even for a brief time to start the day!!). Drinking coffee before they attempt making wardrobe selections. Putting down the phone after the alarm goes off (no dilly dallying falling into reading social media vortex).

2. Going to the gym multiple times a week at the same time each day. (Even if they are the guy/lady sitting on the arm press machine waving to passers by. It’s Social! And if they actually use the machine a little the endorphines start to work magic on those joints and they report more energy and focus throughout the rest of the day.)

3. Mindfulness practice reduces feelings of overwhelm. It helps clients decide what needs to happen first, second, and third, thereby helping determine what is most important for them to accomplish (or relax and not accomplish) at any given moment.

4. Work from home BUT DO IT AWAY from home. Work for yourself? Awesome. Do it somewhere out of your pajamas. Around other human beings. Coffee shops with free-wifi and coffee-refills. Shared work spaces in downtown open concept offices.

5. Create an intention for what a good day would look like and write it down. What features does it have? Clients who are concrete about what success would look like are more likely to actualize their plan.

Reviewing this list I realized that all five points feature routine and ritual as main components. More on that later…

See you next Wednesday!


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