Happily Parent Conference Free FYI! May 10-14th (Online)


Hi Parents out there in the internet. I happened to stumble upon a free opportunity to hear Daniel Segel speak about helping kids calm themselves using lessons from neuroscience (us chilling so they can chill) and I signed up for a free 5-day workshop called Happily Parent Conference. No Idea if it is any good but thought I’d give it a shout out since lots of parents out there are looking for free therapy at home when their kids are driving them nuts..

Here’s the info:

Free Online Conference: “The Way of the Mindful Parent” hosted by Happily Family. May 10-14th @¬†https://conference.happilyfamily.com/

Topics Include:

Raising resilient kids, Meltdowns, Reactive parenting and how to stop it, Helping siblings remain good friends through life, Healthy parent and child separation, Mindful parenting

Enjoy! Hope it’s a helpful, no strings attached (I can never be sure without trying it along with you, which I will be…) resource

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