Therapeutic Approach

Seeking relief from pain is what usually drives people into therapy. Often they find much more than relief. In choosing to confront their difficulties, they find that life opens to more possibilities and potential than they could have imagined. —Maggie
Locke, MFT

I view my role as a therapist as providing
the safety, space, and caring necessary for the client to discover his or her unique recovery from pain and suffering. I serve as a witness, companion, and sometimes guide, joining my clients as they explore. I believe growth and change occur best within
the safety of an honest relationship of mutual trust and respect. In my office, I encourage you to express the full range of your emotions in a judgment-free, one-on-one relationship. You can try out new ways of thinking, expressing, and feeling to see
what works, and then take this knowledge with you into your life and other relationships. In addition to more traditional styles of talk therapy, I offer somatic (body-oriented) therapy that addresses psychological problems effectively by working with
the body. I believe that under the right circumstances, physical movement can access and sometimes resolve emotional problems. Many people seek out body-oriented therapy because they have experienced the benefits and limitations of traditional talk therapies
and feel there is still something more in themselves that needs attention. My body-oriented approach can help you learn how to—

  • Tune in to your body’s signals to obtain a fuller emotional picture;
  • Avoid making decisions while agitated;
  • Tolerate and breath through anxiety and panic;
  • Do specific exercises to let go of tension and get grounded;
  • Maintain physical and emotional safety in triggering situations; and
  • Continue with your daily activities with the knowledge that your consuming feelings will pass.

Combining body-oriented and relational therapies doesn’t suit everyone; many clients benefit from traditional talk therapy. I support anything that works. Body-oriented therapy is simply another tool I can use if we decide that it would be helpful.